This month’s post is by Veronica Reeves. Veronica serves on the team at King’s Ranch as Editor, Hogue Home Hostess, and Donor Partnerships Coordinator. She also serves as our speaker for Restore Moms Retreats. She is the mom of four daughters (the youngest of whom is adopted) and a pastor’s wife.

I didn’t get in a plane and move to an impoverished country. I brought a tiny little mustard seed of an impoverished country HOME. And here she is, sitting across from me learning phonics on the iPad.

And the Lord said, That’s enough.

Loving her, teaching her, hidden in a house in the woods in Jonesboro, Arkansas, U.S.A., at a kitchen table sprawled with books and papers and crayons and coffee and fruit snacks.

The God of Immeasurably More is also the God of Enough.

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Veronica Reeves
Equipping and Restoring

This is the 3rd & last installment of our 3-part series: Immeasurably More: The King’s Ranch Story, by Lee Anne Cooper:

With that, this new season of ministry was born. I remember years ago being a mom of four and sensing the Lord calling me to immeasurably more. It was like everything was coming full circle as He opened doors for me to serve the forever moms and dads of the children for which He gave me such a burden.

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Lee Anne Cooper
From a Home to a Hope

This post is the 2nd installment of our 3-part series: Immeasurably More – The King’s Ranch Story, by Lee Anne Cooper:

The Lord’s recurring promise of immeasurably more became the bedrock of King’s Ranch. From Him calling me to leave behind my life as I had known it and giving me a burden for the plight of orphans, to Him speaking to my husband and promising our children would see His glory, God worked in my heart to establish a firm confidence in His immeasurably more. And then, when He cleared the way for us to open King’s Ranch with a Supreme Court victory that would bless many more children than we could’ve dreamed possible, He made it clear again that He was all about doing more – immeasurably more – than all we could ask or imagine.

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Real StoriesLee Anne Cooper
Immeasurably More

I remember my calling vividly.  I was reading in 1 Kings 19 about Elisha being called by God to leave his way of life, to burn his equipment, to sacrifice his oxen, and to follow the Lord, and I knew with searing clarity that the Lord was calling me to do the same.  He was calling me to leave my life as I had known it. He was calling me to follow where He would lead. Although I could have never imagined the twists and turns my path would take from that day on, as I look back now I can see His sovereign hand.  And I can see how He truly does do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine

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