Our signature event, the RESTORE Moms Weekend Retreat provides adoptive moms time away to be renewed and also to connect with other moms who are on the same journey.

Each retreat is held on the beautiful grounds of King’s Ranch, where every effort is made to pamper each mom physically, emotionally, and spiritually, so that she returns refreshed and reenergized to her calling as forever mom.

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Restore Moms Testimonials

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“Restore Mom's retreat was such a huge blessing for me and ultimately for my family! Mothering children with trauma and attachment struggles can be very isolating. So this retreat provides community and encouragement that is so crucial for us as Mom's.

The worship was beautiful and the hosts/helpers/cook were incredibly gracious. It was refreshing to hear the truth proclaimed from God's word to remind us that He is sovereign and He has called and equipped us for this work. I returned home truly feeling that my hope and my heart have been RESTORED!”

- Melanie, adoptive mom

“Coming to this retreat felt so relaxing. I’m used to being hyper-vigilant at home, and I was able to completely let my guard down. A friend put it this way: “The women felt like home.” I completely agree; it was a safe place that felt like home. A place where we could say anything and there would be love and encouragement and empathy and not judgement. It was so refreshing and the whole King’s Ranch team went above and beyond to make sure we were pampered, encouraged, loved, and taken care of, even as we went back home with a homemade freezer meal. The messages of hope were so encouraging and relatable. I look forward to keeping up with friendships I made there and coming back every year to meet new friends and grow in the ones I already know!”

- Christi, adoptive mom”

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“I attended my first Restore Moms retreat at one of the lowest points of my journey as a parent of three adopted teens and three young biological children. I was defeated, exhausted, and broken. I didn't know exactly what to expect from the retreat, but I went knowing that two nights away would be respite that I needed. Wow. Not only did I experience respite, but I experienced a team of ladies who served their hearts out for the entire weekend. I rested, fellowshipped, worshipped in song, studied the Bible, and RELAXED... all with other moms and a team of ladies who understand the adoption journey and who "get it." I went home filled with hope and a renewed relationship with the Lord. No matter where you are in your journey, Restore Moms retreat will be a blessing in your life!”

- Leisha, adoptive mom